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Come out to Cat Beach &  
Fall in Love with a Cat(s)

Your New Cat will love you for a lifetime!

Meowy Thanks for your interest in adopting a Cat Beach Cat!'

Adoption of a Cat Beach Cat is FREE! But you will have to pay for a veterinary health check, transport, and to prepare the supplies your new cat will need. Here's a slideshow about how to prepare for Your New Cat!

Please understand that Cat Beach Sanctuary is for homeless cats rescued from desperate life-or-death situations. Cat Beach Cats usually arrive sick, injured or traumatised. The CB Team and our veterinary partners do their best to rehabilitate but it is important that all cats receive a health check from a professional veterinarian before going to its new home. If the cat is ill and you are not prepared to care for it, our transporter will bring it back to Cat Beach.

Cat Beach Sanctuary as policy does not support the sale of cats when there are so many in need of caring homes.

Please Adopt, Don’t Shop!

To apply to adopt a Cat Beach Cat, please fill out the Adoption Application form. Click below:

When you have completed the form, please send it by WhatsApp to the Cat Beach Helpline  +60175753419,

email it to

or hand deliver it to Cat Beach staff. 

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