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Students from Prince of Wales Island International School come weekly to help. 


Volunteers can help so many ways! Clean, monitor, groom, photograph, name, put on special collars, and most importantly, give the free-roaming and caged cats the fun and attention they crave.

Everyone  Can Volunteer!

It doesn't matter your age, physical strength, or time to spare, everyone can help cats.


Become a Cat Beach Volunteer

In purrson at the Sanctuary or

at the 2ndChances4Cats Cat Beach Charity Store or

as a Virtual Volunteer online.

In Purrson at Cat Beach Sanctuary, Teluk Bahang Beach


How could you help?

Can you clean? The single biggest daily task is to clean, clean, clean! Hundreds of dishes to wash, cages to change, and every surface, floor, and walkway to be scrubbed and sterilized. Even an hour or two of help with cleaning will be a gift to the cats - and to the hardworking Cat Beach humans.

Can you build? Paint? Make big cages & catios? Make Cat Toys? Thanks to traveler Marc, the "holey" floor in the house has a fresh new covering! Volunteers Tom & Sophie got 80% done on a new "Catio" which remains to be completed. Celia made decorated "hidey holes" out of cardboard boxes that the cats loved!
Every cat that needs to be caged for medical purposes needs space and comfort - volunteers can help with the ongoing work of enlarging and furnishing bigger, better cages. 

Want to play as you work? Make Cat Toys! Every cat will enjoy having a cardboard scratching pad. Caged cats or free-roamers are delighted with simple newspaper balls or hanging toys to bat around.

Are you hospitable? Receptionists & Tour Guides are always needed. 
Cat Beach seeks short and long-term helpers to meet-and-greet visitors and volunteers. Give tours, answer questions, and encourage donations and adoptions of the cats.

Registered Volunteers  will receive Training Materials, 

information about Cat Care & the Sanctuary

and invitations to special 'behind the scenes' chats & events


At Cat Beach in Teluk Bahang

Help with the big and little jobs to make cats and people safe and happy! Clean up the beach and the sanctuary.  Cage changes, repairs and renovations, meeting-and-greeting visitors, and creating fun enrichment toys and games for the cats are all tasks that volunteers can help with. 

At 2nd Chances4Cats Cat Beach Charity Shop in Batu Ferringhi

Located in the Mutiara Arcade behind Petronas / McDonalds, literally mountains of clothes, books, decorations, jewelry, furnishings, and much more need to be organized. prepped and sold or donated to other charities.

Online as a Virtual Volunteer

How could you make a really important difference? Help get adoptions and foster care for cats! Fundraise and build awareness as a Virtual Volunteer! Everyone - no matter where you live - can make a difference simply by using your Social Media Super Powers! Click, Like, Reshare, Post, Crowdfund! Join our Virtual Volunteers to "viral" the needs of cats and support Cat Beach Sanctuary. 

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